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We're Hiring

Now Hiring: Executive Director for Reese News Lab

Mar 09 2016

We are hiring for a Lecturer/ Director of the Reese News Lab at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Media and Journalism.

Inside Campaign Hound

Mar 04 2016

Reese News Lab’s latest project, Campaign Hound, tracks planned public speeches by political candidates.

Local News(letters)

Mar 01 2016

The Charlotte Agenda’s sponsor-driven revenue model

How to test a product idea

Feb 29 2016

Here’s the secret to strengthening your idea.

How we recruit and hire interns

Feb 18 2016

When you walk into a Reese News Lab interview, here’s what we’re looking for.

Pay per view

Feb 16 2016

Slant News and the 70-30 revenue model

The “Yes, and” of collaboration

Feb 12 2016

My team is borrowing a technique from improv comedy to help us come up with better ideas for the media industry.

Inside the interview room

Feb 08 2016

What it was like to be interviewed for an internship at Reese News Lab.

How to fund a new Southern voice

Feb 02 2016

The revenue strategy behind the South’s newest nonprofit magazine.

Why political journalism matters

Jan 19 2016

… and how a new Reese News Lab project is helping journalists do it better.