Lab Reports

How to fund a new Southern voice

Feb 02 2016

The revenue strategy behind the South’s newest nonprofit magazine.

Why political journalism matters

Jan 19 2016

… and how a new Reese News Lab project is helping journalists do it better.

And we still look forward

Jan 05 2016

What I learned after tackling media entrepreneurship for a semester at Reese News Lab

The show must go on

Nov 23 2015

How we prepared during the week of Pitch Day.

When you actually should care

Nov 19 2015

How the words “I don’t care” became a guiding force in forming a pitch.

Looking back

Nov 17 2015

My experiences at the Lab have taught me important lessons about being creative, researching, asking questions and testing different ideas.

The pitch that sank and the pitch that soared

Nov 13 2015

We’ve received feedback and changed our pitch around while getting ready for Pitch Day.

12,123,200 more seconds

Nov 12 2015

How much time do you need to create the perfect pitch? Will you ever be “ready”?

Preparing for Pitch Day

Nov 10 2015

We brainstormed names for our product and are now getting ready for pitching soon.

Crafting a pitch

Nov 06 2015

Pitch Day will be here soon, and we’re developing our presentation.