A cooking show for today

Apr 15 2016

A PBS station in Austin, Texas, dreamed up an idea for a show that would air not on television, but on YouTube.

Local News(letters)

Mar 01 2016

The Charlotte Agenda’s sponsor-driven revenue model

Pay per view

Feb 16 2016

Slant News and the 70-30 revenue model

How to fund a new Southern voice

Feb 02 2016

The revenue strategy behind the South’s newest nonprofit magazine.

When your idea dies, hack it out

Jun 12 2015

Abandoning our first idea was the most liberating and frightening experience the data team had in weeks.

In which Data Group establishes procedure

May 29 2015

Every morning, our team has to reestablish a new set of tasks for the day. What do we hope to accomplish? What are our tangible goals?

A conversation about creativity

May 18 2015

Our newly formed team has been brainstorming ideas for the data challenge. Though we’ve come up with many ideas, not many of them seem to stick.