Capitol Hound receives $50,000 award from UNC

Jan 28 2015

Reese News Lab directors received the C. Felix Harvey Award from UNC to provide Capitol Hound to N.C. media outlets for free.

Questions, questions, questions, then refining

Nov 14 2014

Curiosity didn’t kill the pitch. It made it stronger.

New user testing at the Old Well

Oct 06 2014

With prototype in hand, Tour Sync takes user testing to the Old Well

Dear tourism professionals: a value proposition

Sep 16 2014

After my group determined who we needed to talk to, we focused on defining what we could offer to each group – what’s our value proposition?

Journalists make great entrepreneurs

Jan 31 2014

Entrepreneurs face unexpected challenges daily. Here’s why student journalists are especially well-versed in dealing with these problems.

What I’ve learned from being a team leader of a startup project

What I’ve learned from being a team leader of a startup project

Sep 17 2013

What’s the best way to make sure that the members of a small team are working to the best of their abilities?

How not to name your product

Aug 01 2013

We thought we’d found the perfect name for our product. Then we discovered a major flaw.

Drafting a final pitch 101

Jul 10 2013

As our team sent out invitations for pitch day, it became clear that we actually needed to start planning our pitch

How we failed to reinvent the second screen

Jun 10 2013

The second screen is a new and exciting place for the media. Everyone is scrambling to figure how to best utilize it and engage users there. Research shows that a growing number of people are using multiple screens at once. The entertainment industry has latched onto this idea. Movies, television shows and live broadcasts are […]

What it’s like to go mobile-only for a day on a college campus

Mar 20 2013

Recently, Reese News Lab students have conducted experiments in living without a smartphone and social media. But because the lab is working on a project on producing media for mobile devices, I thought it was time that someone tried a computer blackout. I’d give up my laptop for a day, navigating the UNC campus with […]