Make decisions, whether the future is certain or not

Jun 15 2015

Decisions help us progress. Make them frequently, and you’ll learn a lot from your product and yourself.

All-encompassing: Using airplanes, prototypes and blimps to change the world

May 18 2015

We entered the basement in search of Reese News Lab only to fly airplanes through the hallways.

Just when you think you have it all, the General Assembly changes its domain name

Feb 16 2015

How the past six weeks at Capitol Hound have taught me to embrace last-minute changes.

Why taking “no” for an answer can be less limiting than expected

Nov 14 2014

Negative responses are actually great information.

How the startup curve is a real life roller coaster

Oct 10 2014

Ride with Tour Sync for the drop of the Crash of Ineptitude and anticipation of the Wiggles of False Hope.

The countdown has begun: Five weeks into Reese News Lab

Sep 23 2014

This semester’s projects are five weeks in. The Walking Tours group is in the midst of discovery research and they just got IRB approval. So what’s next?

How might we make museums more interesting?

Aug 29 2014

Try an interactive smartphone app that works with ultrasonic waves.