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Now Hiring: Executive Director for Reese News Lab

Mar 09 2016

We are hiring for a Lecturer/ Director of the Reese News Lab at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Media and Journalism.

I don’t care

Jul 07 2015

When a student says “I think” or “I hope” or “I believe” when they are talking about their product or service, my response is always the same. I don’t care.

The trouble with teams

Jun 15 2015

My job is largely a management job. It’s all about helping people succeed in teams.

Reassurance through a canvas

Jun 10 2015

Doubt reminds students that they cannot rely solely on their own thoughts or ideas–they must work with others, and they must talk to customers.

The value of creating value

May 26 2015

Journalism is valuable and necessary to our communities and society but not everyone finds it personally valuable.

Warming up with a blank wall and a ticking clock

May 19 2015

Starting with nothing is a daunting task for even the most creative people. No matter how many times we start with nothing in the Lab, getting up to speed still makes me uneasy. It seems that so much could go wrong in the first week of working with a new team. New team members don’t […]

You must sell

Oct 24 2014

Why? Because sales cures all ills.

Why you should never say “hope,” “believe” or “think” again

Oct 09 2014

And other wisdom from the Reese News Lab’s “gut check” pitches.

How to build a prototype: Choose just one thing

Sep 25 2014

If your most basic assumption about your product idea is wrong, nothing else matters. So how can you find out if you’re right?

Build better ideas by instructing “Don’t build”

Sep 19 2014

Why we wait to build a new product, even if we think it’s cool.