Capitol Hound Q&A with C. Felix Harvey Award winners

Jan 29 2015

In this interview, I found out how Capitol Hound got its name and what is the hardest thing about running a start-up.

With one foot firmly planted, my team pivots slightly

Oct 09 2014

After conversations with community journalism experts, the team alters its direction.

Why IRB calls for specificity

Sep 12 2014

The Institutional Review Board process challenged my team to think like formal researchers – and to focus on what we really wanted know.

What the scientific method taught me about user research

Jun 27 2014

Start by developing a hypothesis.

I persuaded my peers to spend a semester on “World on Warcraft”

Jan 27 2014

The minute that someone threw out the idea to combine World of Warcraft and The West Wing, I knew I wanted to pitch it.