Marc Andreessen + Gen Y = the Lab

Mar 31 2014

Reinvention is easy to say, hard to do.

Knowing your ABCs: Learning from the IRB process

Nov 22 2013

We learned from the IRB process that when you’re dealing with “at-risk” populations, every stone must be turned over, every last piece must be examined and the words you use must be as non-invasive as possible.

Life lessons from an English-major-turned-back-end coder

Oct 24 2013

Aaron Dinin from the startup company RocketBolt recently came to the Reese News Lab to share what it is like to be in the real-world startup business.

Logistics of your business strategy: Don’t stress just test

Jul 22 2013

When you’re trying to create something that you want people to buy you must test that it actually works, right? That’s just plain logical. For NewsLing, we put off our logical logistics testing for far too long. We had all these hypotheticals and theories as to how we would make our product work and no […]

Calculating success

Spreadsheet gut check: Talking about your business in the language of numbers

Jul 01 2013

We had a brilliant idea. But could it really earn money?